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Prints available at Cups N Canvas

Selected prints from theBowerbirds' series, "In Another World", may be viewed at and purchased from Cups N Canvas Cafe.  "In Another World" comprises pieces from artists Connie Kang, Yoko Furusho, Joyce Lee, Oki_Chu and Man-Tsun

 "The World", Connie Kang

 The world is vast and complex. The world is small and simple. How the world is depends on your perception of it. In my eyes, the world is a playground brimming with potential adventures, and everyday, we will come across something new.

"Whose Dream is This?", Yoko Furusho

The Girl is lost in an imaginary cityscape. She wonders where she is.

"Lost Paradise / 失樂園 (2)", Joyce Lee

far... far away in the land of lost paradise
a place where tomorrow is grand,
everything goes just as planned.
a place where songs are written, I'm told.
with calligraphy brushes and ink of gold.
where one can rest upon a cloud,
and dreaming all day is always allowed.
it has a place where faeries dance,
in the forest where kodama playing hide and seek with you
in this place of no tomorrow,
there is no pain or sorrow.
yet it exist, strange as it seems,
but sadly only in the world of dreams.
so should you tire of this common world,
of its sorrow, hatred and cold.
think then of the lost paradise,
in the world of dreams where life is grand.
should you wish for a better time,
without hatred fear or crime.
there is only one thing that must be done,
change the world one by one.
the world can change its point of view,
but it must only start with you.
if one believes that it can be done,
the world can be changed one by one.

"too much KINOKO", Oki_Chu

Nintendo[Super Mario Brothers]、家の庭、夏休み、Nuclear、キノコ.

Nintendo[Super Mario Brothers], House's garden, Summer holiday, Nuclear, Mushrooms (kinoko).

"HUNT", Man-Tsun

Part III of the "Speak Out" series. 
Once a crow flies up to a certain altitude, hunters on the prowl in air balloons will shoot it down.

Prints can also be purchased through theBowerbirds' website here.

Customers who place their orders through Cups N Canvas may collect their prints from the cafe, or opt for home delivery. Orders of US$240 above are eligible for free delivery.


Cups N Canvas is located at 139 Selegie Road, Singapore 188309.

Opening Hours are:

Tues to Thurs: 10.30am - 10pm
Fri to Sat: 10.30am - 11pm
Sun: 10am - 8pm


Man-Tsun - Love shuffle

Man-Tsun has been featured on NeochaEDGE! Check out his latest print "Love Shuffle" below, which is inspired by a popular Japanese drama of the same name. "Love Shuffle" is available for purchase at



Yoko Furusho - HENACHOKO

Yoko has been hard at work creating illustrations for Shigenori Kusunoki's children's book, "Henachoko", which was recently released in February. Check it out on Amazon

Prints by Yoko can be purchased from theBowerbirds.



Man-Tsun on Dead Astronauts

Dead Astronauts was formed in late 2011 by digital illustrator Jared K. Nickerson, and Hayley Stewart was brought on as an official member during early 2012. As part of the Dead Astronauts Project, 20+ visual artists from around the world have been creating desktop wallpapers (2560x1600) inspired by the band and it's core character, "Persephone".  Check out Man-Tsun's submission below!

Prints by Man-Tsun can be purchased from theBowerbirds.



Exciting New Creations by Man-Tsun

Man-Tsun is quite the prolific artist! Check out some of his more recent works below:


Yoko Furusho - New iPhone Cases

Yoko has designed some lovely iPhone 5 cases that are available for purchase via her webshop! Cute aren't they?


Man-Tsun - GRAPHTWERK 3D Exhibition

Here are some images from Man-Tsun's section of GRAPHTWERK's 3D online exhibition:

The rest of the exhibition can be viewed here.



September seems to be a very busy month for everybody! Oki_chu is having a solo exhibition at excube from 22 September - 8 October 2012. He's come up with some pretty cool work recently, so be sure to check his exhibition out if you happen to be in Osaka! 

excube opens Mon - Fri, 2pm - 9pm and Sat - Sun, 1pm - 9pm.


Joyce Lee - City of Dreams Exhibition 

“City of Dreams uses the dream metaphor to address a soul herder, a dream seeker’s journey in the context of today’s society, the hard and soft edges of city life. Everyone have his or her own unique dream but not everyone’s dream can come true. In the process of one’s dream-seeking journey, he/she may lose his/her faith and knocked down by cruel reality. During dark and discouraging days, he/she needs to dream deep to get inspiration and not to abandon the fight. When God closes a door. He opens a window. Like Robert H. Schuller once said, “Build a dream and the dream will build you.” If you have a dream, give it a chance to happen.” 

Partner artist Joyce Lee is currently showcasing her works titled "City of Dreams" at the The Vault. Be sure to drop by if you can!

The Vault is located at 237 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058786. Opening hours are Mon - Sat, 1130am - 1am.


Medness - Iconic Musician Outfits

"Iconic outfits that became synonymous with musicians during their lustrous careers. These musicians bridged the gap between fashion & music by donning them in their explosive stage performances."

These musician outfits crack me up. Check out the rest of Medness' new project (here).